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The mission of the organization is to help the poor and needy of India to prevent Blindness & provide them with quality eye care that they cannot afford to pay for otherwise. It is all about providing them free services such as from providing them free eyeglasses, detection of glaucoma, free cataract surgeries and education in timely detection of any other eye condition that may impair their vision in any manner.

 We conduct camps in the rural India, set up screening programs, or go in Mobile Operation Theatre and conduct all of the above there as these people cannot even afford the commute  to a major city to get their eyes checked.  In past two years, we provide transportation, meals and overnight stay for all those who need surgeries at  the local hospital

 We have on our board members that are already helping these projects in India in places like rural Gujarat, Agra and its vicinity etc. The one in Agra, Sundrani Eye Hospital has 250 beds and has been offering these services since last 32 years and they are as follows:

  •  examined 1, 023, 877 patients so far in the base hospital 
  •  examined 185, 718 patients in ORP Camp
  •  2970 Glaucoma surgeries performed 
  •  18,145 of other eye surgeries performed etc.
  •  388, 900 of Refractions   surgeries conducted
  • 450,824 Children Screened in Schools
  • 39,835 of School Children treated.

 Since most of the work here and in India is conducted through volunteers, almost entire proceeds collected here is going to be sent there directly without spending on administrative expenses.

 Your donation is going to be used to RESTORE VISION and PREVENT BLINDNESS to those who can't pay for their medical treatment and is going to be Tax deductible. 

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